December 2017 

December at St. Paul is all about Christmas. On December 3rd is the Little Learners’ Christmas Service. On the 5th is our Annual Advent Dinner. We have Christmas for Kids on December 9th. We will have two special midweek Advent events on December 12th and 19th. December 24th is the Children’s Christmas Service followed by the Candlelight Services. On Christmas Day, December 25th, we will have a traditional Song Service.

Christmas is a big deal for this congregation and for Christians around the world. It is one of those  climactic points in God’s plan for our salvation. It started with the promise in the Garden of Eden to crush the power of the  devil. It was a promise  repeated in various fashions throughout the pages of the Old Testament. And then Christmas marks the start of a “Wondrous Journey” whereby God sets out to save us.

I want to encourage you to seriously consider attending as many of the special services and events that we have this time of year. As the world keeps tugging you to secularize Christmas we are stepping to hold you fast to a truly Christ-centered celebration of Christmas.

There is a lot of charm at Christmas.  We have Christmas carols, Christmas movies, Christmas cookies and meals, Christmas decorations, Christmas travel, Christmas  parties. The list goes on. All of this makes up that “charm” of Christmas, but all of these activities also dance around the “Christ” of Christmas.

Make this year different. Participate in the Advent preparation of celebrating Christmas.  This year our annual Advent by Candlelight dinner promises to be bigger and more impacting than ever as we blend a wonderful meal and great fellowship with a Christ-centered audio/visual presentation on the Christ of Christmas.

We have scheduled Tuesday evening special Advent “Chapel Talks” on December 12 and 19. Think of them as a more informal blend of a worship service and Bible Class in which we will do a little singing and a lot of considering about what it means to have “God with Us” and “God in Us.”

And as the “big” day draws near, join us on Christmas Eve day. In the morning we will hold our regular worship services. On that afternoon, at 4:30pm, we will have our annual Christmas Eve Children’s Service in the gymnasium. That is a big service with 400-500 in attendance. When that is done we move up to the chapel for our traditional 6:30pm Christmas Eve Candlelight service.

Then on Christmas Day, come back for our special 9:30am Song Service as we sing our favorite Christ-centered Christmas hymns and carols blended with devotional readings to recall the greatest gift of all time.

Keep Christ in Christmas and let us at St. Paul help you do that.

~ Pastor Robert Fleischmann

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding. ~ Proverbs 3:5