More Worship?
In 2015 about 39% of our baptized membership was in weekly worship.  I will not use this month’s letter to harp on increasing that average.  After all, you already know the importance of worship.  Odds are that if you are reading this newsletter because you picked it up at church when attending a worship service.  You are one of the 39%.  The challenge I have for you in February and March, however, may seem daunting: I want you to come to church more.
Ash Wednesday begins on February 10th.  The tradition of six midweek worship services goes back for centuries.  The midweek services were and are never intended to replace the Sunday worship experience.  These midweek services are special – designed for personal preparation and focus on why Good Friday had to happen and what Easter Sunday really means.
Good Friday and Easter Sunday represent everything it means to be a Christian.  As the world works to make Jesus nothing more than a good and kind man, Good Friday and Easter Sunday tell the complete story.
What is especially sobering about Good Friday and Easter Sunday is why they had to happen.  Why did we need a Savior?  Why did it have to be God’s Son?  Why death on a cross?  Why a resurrection?
Lent and Easter are what we might call “the meat and potatoes” of the Christian faith.  If you don’t get Lent and Easter then you will not understand everything else.
So I am asking you to make an extra effort to attend the midweek Lenten services.  We have gone the extra mile to help make it easier.  We have one service every Wednesday at 4pm.  You can come and get home before it gets too dark.  We have a light supper from 5-6:15pm every Wednesday during Lent.  We take care of the meal for you.  And we have a 6:30pm service that still gets you home before it gets too late.
Importantly, that midweek service is different from the Thursday and Sunday service (yes, we still have regular church on Thursday nights).  Our Lenten theme is “Ironies of the Passion.”  This will be a time of reflection, preparation, prayer, praise and fellowship.
Please do not treat Lenten midweek services as an “either/or” consideration with our regular Thursday/Sunday worship schedule.  Consider this special 6 week period to be a time of special and extra preparation.  Join us - we begin on Ash Wednesday – February 10th.

~ Pastor Robert Fleischmann

The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many. ~ Mark 10:45