APR/MAY 2015 

The Ascension
A Vital Part of the Gospel Story

            Have you ever followed a story on TV, and then, for some reason or other, missed the last part of the story?  Frustrating, wasn’t it?  You and I were left hanging in mid-air, for we didn’t know how the story turned out.  Half a story is no story at all!  Experience bears out this fact.
            Now let’s apply this to God’s story, the greatest story ever told.  It is the most important story we could ever hear, because it tells of God’s plan of salvation for you and me.  Just think how we would feel, if we had not been told the part dealing with Jesus’ Ascension.  Would we always have peace of mind?  Would we be able to quiet the tormenting fear that perhaps after all God was not completely satisfied with Jesus’ work?  Would we be able to root out the nagging doubt that maybe somewhere along the line Jesus could have erred, which prohibited His entering into heaven?  After all, what good is it to have a Savior rise from the dead and not be able to enter heaven?  Is not heaven the final goal of our God-given faith? 
            Jesus’ Ascension not only confirmed the disciples’ faith, but also spurred them on in their mission endeavors.  That’s why Luke began his account of Acts with the story of the Ascension of Jesus.
            The fact that we speak less about the Ascension of our Lord might leave the impression that His ascension is of lesser importance for our God-given faith.  This is NOT so.  Let us therefore rejoice in Jesus’ Ascension.  It also confirms our God-given faith and spurs us on in our mission endeavors.
            We will celebrate the Ascension of Jesus on Thursday, May 14th, 6:30 PM and Sunday, May 17th, 7:45 & 10:30 AM.  The 10:30 AM Service on May 17th will also be our Sunday School Closing Service in the CFC. Please join us in worship and hear once again why the Ascension of our Lord is such a vital part of the Gospel story!

Pastor James Castillo  & Pastor Robert Fleischmann


The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many. ~ Mark 10:45