Every historian will be the first to admit that attempting to capture accurately events of the past is a very frustrating experience. While the attention of people tends to be focused on the larger-than-life moments in life, Scripture teaches us that often God works most powerfully in the small and quiet details of life.

When we look back at the history of St. Paul congregation, we can only capture fleeting shadows and we surely are unaware of the multitude of wonderful memories that individuals who have called this church home have experienced from the hand of our gracious God.

The message of the bells has been reflected in both the pulpit and pew through the years. We pray that others who will pause at points in the future to consider the history of St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church of Slinger (Schleisingerville), Wisconsin, would discover that this wondrous blessing from God always remains.


1849 St. John's United Evangelical Lutheran Church organized under Pastor Beckel. Pastor Beckel worked under Pastor Muehlhaeuser, first president of the Wisconsin Lutheran Synod - the congregation tolerated false doctrine together with the truth

1850 Pastor Paul Meiss present at organization of the Wisconsin Lutheran Synod

1851 -1853 Pastor A. Fuchs, member of Wisconsin Lutheran Synod

1853 - 1854 Pastor Johannes E. Sauer, member of the Wisconsin Lutheran Synod

1854 - 1863 Pastor Fleischer, member of the Wisconsin Lutheran Synod

1863 - 1867 Pastor Albert Opitz, member of the Wisconsin Lutheran Synod

1867 - 1871 Pastor J. H. Keitel, farmer turned preacher, no synodical affiliation, Lutheran leanings.

1869 congregation adopts constitution with decidedly Reformed leanings

1872 - 1873 Pastor G. Hirtz, no synodical affiliation, Lutheran leanings

May 17, 1873 Ten members leave to support the "Lutheran Evangelical Church" Pastor Opitz of Peace, Hartford, guides and serves the group

January 31, 1875 Lutheran group abandons attempts to retain the church property. New congregation organized. Pastor Albert Opitz of Peace, Hartford, serves the group as a second congregation

April 5, 1875 Group adopts the name, St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church

1873 - 1880 Pastor Albert Opitz

1881 - 1909 Pastor C. Probst, pastor of Peace Hartford, serves St. Paul

1885 Decision made to build church

1886 Church built

1893 Two bells purchased, first rung for Easter services

1909 Pastor Opitz retires

1909 - 1910 Pastor L. Ave Lallemant, first resident pastor of St. Paul

1910 Parsonage built

1910 - 1916 Pastor C. Auerswald

1916 - 1922 Pastor Rudolph Bergfield

1920 - 1922 strained relations between congregation and pastor

April 23, 1923 congregation dismisses Pastor Bergfield as its pastor

1922 - 1924 2 year vacancy. Congregation served by Pastor C. A. Otto of St. Paul, Brownsville

1924 - 1937 Pastor A. Lengling

1925 Pastor Lengling begins to serve St. Paul, Cedar Lake as a second charge

1937 - 1944 Pastor Erwin Scharf

1942 - 44 Leave of absence for Pastor Scharf to serve as a civilian chaplain. Pastor Norbert Reim

1944 - 1957 Pastor Frederick Gilbert

1945 organ purchased

1957 Hausfeldt property purchased for Sunday School room

1957 - 1961 Pastor John Ruege

1961 parsonage remodeled

1962 - 1971 Pastor Lester Groth

April 24, 1966 - discussion of purchasing "Nehm" property as site for a new church

1971 - 1979 Pastor Theodore Horneber

June 28, 1972 Nehm property (28 acres) purchased - present church site

February 29, 1976 decision reached to build a new facility

May 26, 1976 decision reached to set aside the design adopted in February and adopt a new design - present church

1978 Parsonage at 509 Highview Drive purchased to gain water and sewer access to church property - old parsonage sold

1978 Construction begins

1980 - 1995 Pastor George Enderle

1981 Education Fund established

1983 Garage constructed

1985 St. Paul's Little Learner Smile Center established

1990 Bell Tower addition construction begun

Easter 1991 Bells again used to call the faithful to worship

1994 Decision reached that St. Paul of Slinger and St. Paul of Cedar Lake each should have their own pastor

August 13, 1995 Pastor Enderle's farewell; he continues serving St. Paul of Cedar Lake as first full time pastor

1995 - Pastor David Cooper

August 20, 1995 Pastor Cooper installed

1996 Purchased computerized synthesizer to augment service and choir music

1996 Children's choir organized

1997 Joined Kettle Moraine Lutheran Federation

1997 Elementary school research committee formed

1998 Building committee organized

1998 Congregation celebrates 125 years of God's Grace

2000 Pastor Coopers suffers a severe stroke; returned to preaching 1 year later

2001 Pastor James Castillo is called

2002 Kindergarten opens

2003 Christian Family Center (CFC) was built

2004 Contemporary Worship services were added

2011 Pastor David Cooper leaves / Pastor David Hein is called


But godliness with contentment is great gain. ~ 1 Timothy 6:6