What's New?

October Church Newsletter: The monthly newsletter is available on this site. Just click on "Newsletter" above (located on the burgundy bar) to take you to the latest issue.

Bible Classes:
The Wednesday morning Bible study, led by Pastor Castillo, has begun. Join us at 10:30am in the CFC Commons on: “The Physician’s Prescription for the Soul — The Gospel of St. Luke” (a Bible study written by Rev. Douglas Engelbrecht). We will study the first chapters of this Gospel from a physician’s perspective, since Luke was a physician. This series runs until October 28th. Snacks will be provided.

The Sunday morning classes have also begun at 9:00am. Pastor Enderle will conduct the Sunday, Sept. 27 class. Then on Oct. 4 and 11, Mr. Paul Snamiska from KMLHS will lead us on a 2-part study entitled, "Fishing with Lures." Pastor Fleischmann will resume the class study on the Old Testament book of Job on Oct. 18 and 25. Refreshments and coffee/tea/juices are available.

Church Picnic: We thank everyone who attended our annual church picnic! We appreciate the pie donations for the pie auction, the volunteer help, and the contributions for the delicious potluck lunch. It was a wonderful day of fun and fellowship! Pictures can be found on the St. Paul Facebook page.

Pastor Castillo's Retirement: In a letter dated September 2015, Pastor James Castillo announced his retirement from the public ministry (see his letter above by clicking on "Pastor's Message"). A service will take place on Sunday, October 25, at 2:00pm with a reception will follow in the CFC Commons. You are invited to attend to special event.


What does the Lord require of you? To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with our God. ~ Micah 6:8